Due to continuing corona virus issues, the steering committee is in agreement that Zion Choral will not be singing again this year (2022). There are still too many uncertainties, and we value the safety and health of our choir members and church families who come to worship with us. We miss everyone and plan on singing together in 2023. Please continue to pray for each other.  

Great Songs of the Faith radio station (part of the Word FM family), 
is now playing Zion Choral songs as part of their mix! Check it out!! 
Listen on the radio locally or online from anywhere. 

Zion Choral
92 Years of Praise and Worship


“For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth." Psalm 47:2

Welcome to Zion Choral's music ministry. Zion Choral began in 1929 under the direction of J. Claude Harwick. The ministry continued under the direction of Albert F. Schuster (1980 to 1992), Maxine S. Waldman (1993 to 2002), and Karen L. Shelly (2003 to present).

The ministry wouldn't be complete without dedicated accompanists Terri Knechel-Young (piano), Jerry Bigenho (organ), Gary and Kim Wieder (percussion), Barte Shadlow (bass), and dedicated singers (sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses). We meet each week to practice, pray with each other, and pour love into each other’s lives.

We have an incredible God who loves us so much that He send His Son, Jesus. He has a plan. I don't know what it is, but He does. The theme we chose for 2020 was very timely: "Jesus Is King." Jesus is still on the throne, and we can trust Him. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Be assured, we will get thru this trying time. 

There is a virus that is much worse than the Coronavirus. That's the virus of sin and separation from Jesus. Please pray that many will come to Christ for salvation. Pray for our leaders in government as they make decisions. Also, pray for the members in our Zion family. We have people who need a touch from the Lord. 

We pray God's richest blessing in your lives! 
Karen Shelly


​2022 season is cancelled.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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