Zion Choral
91 Years of Praise and Worship in 2019


“Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.” Psalm 95:1-2

2018 was Zion Choral’s 90th year of music ministry. J. Claude Harwick started this ministry in 1929. He had a vision to assemble a choir who sings praises to the Lord. The choir began with 19 men, but women were welcomed to join a few years later. Claude was succeeded by Albert F. Schuster in 1980. Albert directed the choir from 1980 – 1992. He was succeeded by his daughter, Maxine S. Waldman, who directed the choir until 2002. She was succeeded by Karen L. Shelly, who continues to direct today.

Zion is privileged to have the following talented accompanists: Terri Knechel-Young, pianist; Jerry Bigenho, organist; Gary and Kim Wieder, percussionists; and Barte Shadlow, bass player. Zion is also privileged to have dedicated singers, who meet each week to practice, pray with each other, and pour love into each other’s lives.

As J. Claude Harwick said, “My Lord is the powerhouse behind it.” The Lord continues to be the powerhouse behind our choir. We have seen Him work mightily in and through our choir.

​Jesus is Lord of All
By William J. and Gloria Gaither
All my tomorrows, all my past, Jesus is Lord of all.
I’ve quit my struggles, contentment at last!
Jesus is Lord of all.

All of my conflicts, all my thought, Jesus is Lord of all.
His love wins the battles I could not have fought;
Jesus is Lord of all.

All of my longings, all my dreams, Jesus is Lord of all.
All of my failures His power redeems; Jesus is Lord of all.

King of kings, Lord of lords, Jesus is Lord of all;
All my possessions and all my life, Jesus is Lord of all. Lord of all.

Our prayer is that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life.

Our practice season in August will be here before you know it. Check out our Schedule page to find out where you can join us for musical worship this fall.

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